Jon Ashe Menswear


The Jon Ashe Collection is designed for men who are looking for clothes that combine the comfort and ruggedness of a favorite pair of jeans with the polish of a suit. Designer, Jonas Hegewisch sees his customer is the kind of man who does not need to shout in order to be heard – creative in his thinking and independent within his profession. While he understands the conventions of style, he always follows his own path. His clothes communicate his individuality in a subtle yet distinctive way.

Jonas approaches his work with the aim of bringing an elegant utility to the collection, through clothes that are highly functional yet imbued with subtle character that becomes more distinctive and personal with each wearing. 
The designs have the integrity and honest functionality of an artisanal Central European farmers coat or a cowboy’s chaps merged together with the modern, restrained proportions of a well tailored business suit. The result is a highly versatile collection of clothes that will enable the wearer to move comfortably between the creative and business worlds, from an art opening to a basketball game, from a cocktail party to a burger joint or from a client appointment to a protest rally.


The line is built using elegant, slim proportions that are flattering while never foresaking comfort. A maximum of functionality is achieved through careful and thorough patternwork and construction. Only high quality fabrics are sourced mostly from small artisanal mills, giving preference to materials that improve with age by absorbing character from the activities of the wearer. These might include a rich cotton Moleskin from the UK or a washed herringbone tweed for Fall and an amazing Italian Seersucker and Linen blends for Spring. The fabrics must look good whether wrinkled or smooth. The outer lines as well as the inner layers are thought through in innovative ways while also making use of traditional tailoring techniques. Distinctive details such as unique, functional pocket treatments and beautiful Austrian horn buttons or subtly contrasting topstitching give the clothes additional character. Never flamboyant but always striking, a man will stand out wearing Jon Ashe, yet fit in almost anywhere: confident, masculine, interesting.


Jonas Hegewisch, the designer of the new menswear line Jon Ashe, was born in Germany and raised in Hamburg and London. Torn between architecture and fashion design, he eventually settled on fashion and came to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology.

In the mid 1990’s he launched Wearkstatt, a successful designer bridal and eveningwear firm with his wife, Ursula. They opened a store in Soho and soon became a favorite of fashion independents who valued their distinctly individual, modern yet timeless gowns. Their designs were sold around the country at stores such as Barney’s and Stanley Korshak. Many features in magazines, and gowns in several Hollywood movies as well as a dress in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum also testified to the success of the line. However, a dream to create a menswear collection was  taking hold which eventually led to the creation of Jon Ashe.

In 2005, after exiting the Bridal industry, Jonas and his family relocated to Berlin where he found time to pursue many of his interests including the study of traditional and regional costume and work wear. He also traveled extensively throughout Germany and opened a wildly popular Biergarten called Trailer Park, in Berlin’s Mitte district.

He and his family eventually returned to their home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and Jonas began developing designs for his new menswear line. Drawing inspiration from both European and American work wear from the 19th through mid-twentieth century as well as a myriad of other influences from the worlds of product design and art, Jonas set about creating a menswear collection that would appeal to modern, professional men like himself, who appreciate well-made tailored clothing distinguished by unique yet functional details, interesting textures, and quality fabrics that get better with wear and age. Considering the challenging state of the economy, Jonas decided that the best way to launch the Jon Ashe collection would be to prove its viability by opening a small store, which began welcoming customers to its Soho location in November, 2010. In addition to the collection the Jon Ashe Store features a great selection of bags, belts, neckwear, cufflinks as well as other outstanding design and haberdashery items.

Jonas lives in Brooklyn with Ursula and their son, Lucas. He is resigned to temporarily letting his alter-ego Jon Ashe have more fun on his imaginary vintage Vespa, while JonAs he(gewisch) devotes himself to his new business.

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